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Every Animal Deserves an Identity

We believe every animal has individuality and deserves to be cared for just like humans. WILDCOIN’s goal is for every pet to have a unique digital identity, making pet care easier and more rewarding.


The Case for Animal Identification

In 2024, the global population of dogs was estimated to be about 900 million.
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Only 5% of dogs in the US are microchipped.
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of implanted microchips are never registered.
Many issues affecting animals and humans persist without a reliable system to identify individual animals. An easy-to-use system that assigns a unique identity to each animal is urgently needed, helping to improve care and reduce abandonment.

WILDCOIN Ecosystem

Revolutionizing Pet Identification

WILD leverages advanced AI technology to issue Animal Decentralized IDs (ADIDs). Simply scan your pet with your phone camera, and our AI does the rest.
The Wild solution uses a hybrid AI system combining facial recognition, pattern recognition, reconstruction, and posture analysis. Key components include convolutional neural networks for facial recognition, scale-invariant feature transform (SIFT) for pattern recognition, and pose estimation models for analyzing body structure.

Animal Decentralized IDs: ADIDs

Unique and Immutable Digital IDs

Using blockchain technology, WILD creates unique, immutable IDs for animals. This starts with pets and extends to endangered species, aiding in tracking populations, migration patterns, and health. This technology integrates seamlessly with the WILD App, allowing users to generate ADIDs using their smartphone’s camera.

Scan and Identify

Easily scan your pet to create a unique ADID.

Immutable Records

Securely store your pet’s identity and health records on the blockchain.

Scientific Contribution

Aid in research and conservation by tracking endangered species.

Owner Name Service (ONS)

Prove ownership with ONS

The Owner Name Service (ONS) provides a naming service for pet owners registering their animals. Each ADID is associated with an ONS, and ownership can be transferred securely using Web3-specific confirmation processes.

Secure Transfers

Prevent fraudulent actions and hacking with secure Web3 verification.

Personalized Names

Create unique, recognizable names for your pets’ digital identities (e.g., @“Bob”).

Transfer Ownership

Easily transfer your pet’s ADID to a new owner with verification

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By joining the Wildcoin community, you’re not just a pet owner but a hero positively impacting pet care and animal welfare.

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