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Care to Earn? WILD users earn WILDCOIN for registering and caring for their pets.

How Can You Receive WILDCOIN?

Register ADID

Registering your pet’s ADID will give you an initial allocation of $WILDCOIN. These tokens are only accessible through the WILD App, which is directly linked to your pet’s ADID.

Scan and Identify

Register your pet’s ADID, and earn a basic amount of $WILDCOIN.

Preventative Pet Care

Keeping your pet healthy is the key to longevity and avoiding costly vet bills. Earn $WILDCOIN when you take your pet in for vaccinations, checkups, etc.

Routine Pet Care

You take care of your pet, why shouldn’t you get paid for it? Earn $WILDCOIN for activities such as feeding, grooming, and administering medications.

Exclusive Access

The WILD App is the sole method for earning $WILDCOIN, ensuring a secure and streamlined process.

How Can You Grow WILDCOIN?


Earn rewards by staking your WILDCOIN. Every token holder has an equal opportunity to participate and benefit from staking rewards

WILDCOIN Auto Staking

Lock in your WILDCOIN for a specified period within the WILD App. Staking rewards vary based on your WILD level, which changes according to your in-app activities. Higher WILD levels yield greater rewards.


Earn WILDCOIN by completing various tasks within the WILD App. These tasks are designed to promote pet care and engagement, providing numerous opportunities to earn more tokens.

WILDPOINTS Community Program

Participate in the WILDCOIN ecosystem and earn WILDPOINTS, which can be swapped for WILDCOIN. Points are awarded for supporting WILDCOIN through social media, participating in events, and other community activities.

WILDCOIN Tokenomics

WILDCOIN is designed to support the entire Wildcoin ecosystem, from pet registration to incentivizing responsible pet care. The tokenomics are structured to ensure sustainable growth and active participation within the community.

Total Supply

100 billion


Initial Price


per token

WILDCOIN Distribution

This distribution model ensures that a significant portion of the tokens are allocated to the community, encouraging widespread adoption and engagement.


Community and Liquidity




Ecosystem Contributors


Partner Airdrop

Where Can I Get WILDCOIN?

Register ADID through the WILD App

Receive WILDCOIN by registering your pet’s ADID through the WILD App. Perform in-app actions and activities to continue earning.

Swap Community Points (WILDPOINTS) for WILDCOIN

Earn WILDPOINTS through community activities and swap them for WILDCOIN.

Available on DEX or CEX

WILDCOIN may also be available on decentralized (DEX) or centralized exchanges (CEX). Our open-source smart contract allows any exchange to list WILD.

Disclaimer: WILDCOIN is not available to people or companies that are residents of, located in, incorporated in, or have a registered agent in the United States or certain other restricted territories. Crypto products can be highly risky, and their regulatory treatment is unsettled in many jurisdictions. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from transactions involving WILDCOIN. Any value ascribed to WILDCOIN may change quickly and could be lost entirely.

Join the Wildcoin Community

Be a Part of the Change

By joining the Wildcoin community, you’re not just a pet owner but a hero positively impacting pet care and animal welfare.

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