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Animal Care Made Easy

Bringing the power of AI and Web3 technology to revolutionize the pet care industry.


Earn WILDCOIN & Manage Your Pet's Digital ID

The WILD App is your gateway to earning WILDCOIN and managing your pet’s digital identity (ADID). With seamless integration of AI and blockchain, the WILD App assigns various tasks and rewards users for their active participation and pet care efforts. Additionally, it facilitates decentralized decision-making (DAO) for the project. Earn WILDCOIN for every action you take to care for your pet.

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Easy Registration

Register Animals and Issue ADIDs

Allocation Notification

Auto Token Allocation

Task-Based Earning

Care to Earn

Decentralized Governance

Participate in DAO Decisions

Action-Based Rewards

Receive Rewards

Support Animal Welfare

WILD Crowdfunding for Animals


Explore Business Use Cases and Opportunities

We have numerous business use cases and collaboration opportunities. Whether you’re a company interested in integrating our technology or an organization focused on animal welfare, there’s a place for you in the WILD ecosystem.

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Be a Part of the Change

By joining the Wildcoin community, you’re not just a pet owner but a hero positively impacting pet care and animal welfare.

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